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Kiko Laser Height Measurer

How does the laser height measurer measure height?

Height will measured by subtracting 'the distance from the child's height to the ceiling' from 'the distance measured from the floor to the ceiling’.

How do you use the laser height measurer?

After completing the initial setup, you can measure by gently placing the laser height measurer on top of the child's head and then lightly clicking the device.

I cannot measure height with the laser height measurer.

The laser height measurer is set to measure only within the angle range set by the device at the time of measurement. Therefore, it may not be measured immediately. Please refer to the 'Measurement Assistance' screen displayed on the screen and measure after adjusting it to the appropriate the angle.

How do I connect the laser height measurer with the "Hey Kiko" mobile app?

You can connect the laser height measurer to your device via Bluetooth in the Hey Kiko app. You can find specific directions in the "Manuals" Page under "Contact Us" menu.

The height measurement is incorrect.

Height measurement displayed is the result based on the initial value you set. Therefore, if you measure height in a place other than where you set the initial value, the value will be different by the distance from the floor to the ceiling in the new place. In this case, please be sure to reset the initial reference value and measure again.

How do you reset the initial settings of the laser height measurer?

If you press and hold the black button, or the settings button on the side of the laser height measurer, for more than 3 seconds, it will change to a mode that allows measurement for setting the initial value. After measuring the distance from the floor to the ceiling at the location you want to measure in, press the button one more time to save the reference value.

How do I change the unit of measurement?

You can change the unit by connecting the device to the "Hey Kiko" mobile app. Go to 'My Page', and press on 'Setting the Unit of Measurement'. You will be able to change the unit via this option. After changing the unit of measurement in the app, it will be updated in the device as soon as you connect the device to the app.

How do I change the indicated time?

When you connect Kiko to the mobile app, it will automatically update the time based on your phone or connected device.

Kiko Smart Scale

How do you use the Kiko Smart Scale?

  • Without connecting to the "Hey Kiko" mobile app, you can only measure weight when using the scale. The unit of measurement changes automatically to the value set in the app when connected.

  • When measuring after connecting with the "Hey Kiko" mobile app, you can check the results of the body compositions and detailed analysis through the app after measurement.

Kiko Mobile App “Hey Kiko”

Where can I download "Hey Kiko" App?

“Hey Kiko” mobile app is available on both Google Play and App Store. Search "Hey Kiko" to download now.

I cannot find the "Hey Kiko" mobile app in Google Play/App Store.

There are some occasions that the "Hey Kiko" app does not show up when searching only "Kiko". Instead, please try searching the entire app name “Hey Kiko”.

How do you connect Kiko with the app, “Hey Kiko”?

The laser height measurer and smart scale can connect to the app via Bluetooth straight in the app. begin connecting to the app as soon as measurement gets made. When measuring height or using the scale to measure the body, Kiko will connect to the app via Bluetooth.