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Hey, Kiko!

Let Kiko be your friendly health manager.

Hey, Kiko!

Let Kiko be your friendly health manager.

  • Easy To Use

    One-click measurement and easy Bluetooth connection. Kid-friendly design. Kiko will make your family enjoy staying healthy.

  • Your Health Manager

    Kiko will manage your children’s health. Professional analysis and rich details for you to learn about your children’ health condition.

  • App Utility

    Manage your children's health with the 'Hey Kiko' app. Anytime and anywhere. Begin your family's health story by recording your children's health.


Customer Reviews

  • Kiko quickly became our family's favorite daily routine. One of my friends had a newborn baby recently, so I've purchased another set to give one to my friend as a gift. I'm pretty sure they will love it as much as I do. It's perfect for getting on track with our children's health.

  • I was quite surprised by the utility. It is not just a product that measures kids' height and weight. The mobile app is loaded with great functions and makes it much easier to learn how our kids are doing. The detailed analysis, based on information from the WHO, is very accurate and trustworthy.

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    We deliver your Kiko to anytime, anywhere in United States

  • 1-Year Warranty

    Our warranty system to support your Kiko and your family

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